CoreOne Insurance Agency

About CoreOne Insurance Agency

CoreOne Insurance Agency offers comparison-style shopping options to people of all ages looking for Medicare and life and health insurance related products. We are an independent insurance agency which allows us the ability to offer only the most competitively priced insurance products with the highest rated, most financially sound insurance carriers.   

Our products include: 
- Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement plans
- Prescription Drug Plans
- Health insurance on and off exchange
- Annuities
- Long term care insurance
- Whole and term life insurance
- Short term health insurance

Whether you are about to turn 65 and need to speak with someone about your options as you age into Medicare or you are looking for under 65 health insurance to cover you and your family, we can show you all of your options so that you are able to make a very informed decision.  

Our Medicare team will provide you with a free drug cost analysis so you know what you can anticipate paying in each of your different plan options.  Whether it is Medicare Advantage plan combined with prescription drug coverage, or a Medicare Supplement paired with a stand-alone prescription drug plan, it is important to know exactly what your medications will cost you.  With this information, we will then provide you with a cost comparison report that will show you your best and worst case out of pocket in the most competitive Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement plans available to you.  
We represent only top rated carriers like Aetna, Humana, Transamerica and Independence Blue Cross.  There are so many options out there when you become eligible for Medicare that it can get confusing to try to sort through on your own.  Our expert, licensed agent takes the time to breakdown the basics of Medicare and help a client select the plan that best fits their healthcare and financial needs. At that point, we can offer you the plan you have selected at the very best price.  It is important to note that there will never be any cost to you for our services.  You pay the same whether you work with us or go directly to a carrier.

Individual Health Insurance products are also available at CoreOne Insurance.  Once you provide us with the required info, we can generate a comparison sheet all of the health insurance plans being offered in your area.  The comparison will show you a snapshot of copays, premiums, best and worst case out-of-pockets, and will include any subsidy for which you might qualify based on income.

Life Insurance, Long Term Care Insurance and Annuities - We can easily get you quotes from many different carriers to get you the lowest rates for whole and term life insurance, and long term care insurance.  We can also very easily find you the company offering the highest returns on your Annuities.

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